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The city of Trieste is vibrant, has its own unique charm, is full of history and beautiful architecture and attractions and offers many interesting experiences to be lived.


Discovering Trieste

1 – Explore the stunning Piazza Unità d’Italia, an extraordinarily large square in a superb location overlooking the sea.
2 – Borgo Teresiano. The elegant quarter built by Austrian Emperor Charles VI along the picturesque Grand Canal.
3 – Castle of Miramare. Built between 1856 and 1860, it became the residence of Duke Maximilian of Habsburg and his wife, Charlotte of Belgium.
4 – The Castle of San Giusto located on the highest hill in the city and visit the wonderful mosaics of the Cathedral of San Giusto.
5 – The Synagogue is the most tangible symbol of the importance of the Jewish community in the city’s history.

6 – Trieste’s historic cafés, which have remained largely intact over time, have a fascinating experience to offer.
7 – For 110 years, the Opicina Tram has been a tourist sight in the city.
8 – The Giant Cave was discovered in 1890. Located at a depth of about 80 metres, it is the karstic cave containing the largest natural hall in the world and listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. A route that will take you 80 metres deep among stalactites and stalagmites.
9 – The Museo Civico Revoltella has been an important gallery of modern art for 150 years.
10 – Reading the menus of the trattorias, you might think you are in Vienna or Prague since Trieste’s cuisine has a strong Austro-Hungarian influence.



Outdoor life

1 – The Val Rosandra Nature Reserve, an area of contact between the Alpine region and the sea, is home to the unique Giordano Cottur cycle and walking trail.
2 – The Duino Cliffs Nature Reserve, which boasts a landscape characterised by white limestone cliffs overlooking the sea.
3 – At the foot of Castle of Miramare lies a treasure trove of marine biodiversity: the Miramare Protected Marine Area.
4 – The entire Gulf of Trieste area also has a multitude of watersports options, first and foremost sailing.



Unexpectedly attractive

1 – The Spilimbergo Mosaic School: unique in the world, it has been welcoming students from different countries for over 100 years.
2 – The fortress town of Palmanova, designed in 1593: built on a utopian dream, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2017.
3 – The town of Grado, also known as the Island of the Sun, and its picturesque old town.
4 – The city of Aquileia, the ancient Roman city and one of the main archaeological sites in northern Italy.
5 – In the hills of Friuli there are some of the best white wine estates in Italy, in the Collio and Carso areas such as the hill town of San Daniele.